Franchise Development:

Assistance for new restaurant development begins with your initial inquiry and continues through the site selection process, facility design and construction, and most importantly, your restaurant opening.
Potential locations for Saffron-The Indian RestroBar include existing restaurants and other buildings, shopping malls, food courts, shopping centres, and some non-traditional locations too. Property for a site may be purchased, leased, or contracted for through a third party.
A lot size of approximately 70~100 square meter (20~30 tsubo) carpet area with a main street frontage is necessary to accommodate your Saffron-The Indian RestroBar outlet. Many criteria are considered when evaluating a potential location. These include, among others, population demographics, retail activity, employment, traffic patterns, environmental issues, residential density, competition, and other intangible factors.
Saffron-The Indian RestroBar must review any proposed sites to assure they meet our Real Estate standards prior to the beginning of construction.

Marketing and Advertising

Saffron-The Indian RestroBar is responsible for planning effective and impactful programs and materials to help you grow your business and build the Saffron-The Indian RestroBar brand image.
The overall goal of marketing is to project “One Message, One Voice” throughout the Saffron-The Indian RestroBar system, thereby creating greater synergy and effectiveness.
The Company will maintain checks and balances on the royalties, credit card company statements, bill and order copies and orders forms to be provided by the franchisee.

The Franchise

Welcome to Saffron-The Indian RestroBar’s Indian food franchising concept. We are committed to building the reasonable alternative to the traditional, high cost restaurant franchise. We are looking for people who want to operate their own business and are willing to be involved in every aspect of the business from site selection to daily operations.
Although owning and operating your own business always requires a serious financial and personal commitment, our initial franchise fee is low and our initial start-up costs are among the lowest in the restaurant trade. You can set up a 40 seater full service outlet within JPY 20000 to JPY 50000 per tsubo approx. Our royalty at 6% to 8% is the lowest in the Industry. (Country wide schedule attached in excel sheet).However the figures are projected and are subjective to various factors and decisions.
We offer Concise Saffron-The Indian RestroBar Menu
  • Soups
  • Entries
  • Salads
  • Tandoori Starters
  • Indian Curries
  • Assorted Tandoori Breads
  • Biryani(Rice)
  • Desserts
  • Drinks

We have aimed to provide you with a summary of standard Saffron-The Indian RestroBar outlet. Other opportunities exist which may vary from the standard outlet. We encourage you to discuss this with the Franchise Recruitment Manager.

Support services offered with Saffron-The Indian RestroBar franchise include:

  • Site selection and negotiation
  • Complete assistance and advice to the franchisees architect for design criteria
  • Assistance and advice Entire construction and installation
  • Initial training and development
  • Grand Opening events
  • Ongoing Restaurant Operations consultant
  • Ongoing Business Development assistance
  • Ongoing market share development

The following is a brief summary of the Support Centre and the services that they provide. This is staffed with experienced professionals that are ready to help you deliver the Saffron-The Indian RestroBar promise of Great Indian Food to each and every customer a proven Lunch and Dinner menu with authentic Indian food items combined with a simple operations system designed to allow you to deliver good food customized to the Indian palate at reasonable prices.

If you’re interested, then join us! Together we will build the low-cost alternative to the traditional high-cost restaurant franchise.

Initial Investment:

As a franchise owner, your initial investment will vary from country to country ranging from JPY 20000 to JPY 50000 per tsubo approximately, for a full service 40 seats outlet Plus the kitchen equipment , generator, AC, Cutlery crockery, kitchen equipment etc, for everything you will need to open the doors. However, these are mere estimated forecast which may vary from location to location.
The total initial investment necessary to open a Saffron-The Indian RestroBar Outlet will vary from restaurant to restaurant depending upon a number of factors including but not limited to, the location and size of your particular restaurant, the amount of leasehold improvements necessary, the volume of business expected at the restaurant, the condition of the financial market at the time, and your particular financial circumstances.

Economics of the Proposal:

Our company proposes to take a non-refundable license fee deposit per franchised full service outlet per unit. The continent wise capital outlay is projected in the separate attachment.


  • Walls and ceiling in good condition free of termite and damp.
  • Floor to be free of water seepage / termite and ready for tiling / stone work.
  • Doors / windows in wood / aluminium / steel in good working condition.
  • Required power up to the distribution board inside the premises.
  • Toilet for Ladies and Gents including plumbing lines (Main Lines) excluding finishing and fittings.
  • Provision of water connection for Kitchen including drainage.
  • Provision of a service door / back entry preferred but not necessary.
  • Possibility of creating ventilation for a kitchen chimney.
  • Provision of Gas connection or line.
  • Fire & Smoke detector with sprinkler.
  • Main Door / Gate with rolling shutter or proper security system.
  • Brief list of major equipment in the Kitchen:

    Four Burner Range; Single Burner Range (Big) for base gravy, Frying Machine; Stock Pot Burner Range; Aluminium Hood with Filter; Steam Table; work stations / counter with Refrigeration; Work Table; Two Door Freezer, Walk in Cooler; Work Table with Shelves; Three Chamber Sink, Vegetable Sink; Dirty Dish Landing Table; Fresh Landing Table, Water Cooler, Ice Cream Freezer, Cheese Melter, Wall Shelves; Plate Warmer; Glass Rack; Pot Rack, etc.
    We expect the Franchisee to take out the expenses on the overheads, electricity and rentals from the food distribution alone. Furthermore, the Franchisee can recover the Franchisee fees paid to our Company from the Cart Sub Franchisee Fees. Online Sales, Catering and Party Orders will be additional Revenue Streams. We are also speaking to some leasing companies to lease out the major kitchen equipment, which would reduce the capital requirement of the franchisees.

    Leasing Facts:

    Whether you need financing and, if so, the amount of financing you need, will vary depending upon the amount of your net worth and the ratio of your liquid assets to your net worth. The restaurant premises are leased by the franchisee, in the event that we approve both the location and the lease for the premises. The lease advance rent & deposit will vary depending upon the location, size, and desirability of the premises. You will have to improve the premises so that they will be suitable for use as Saffron-The Indian RestroBar. You will need restaurant equipment and furnishings to operate the premises as Saffron-The Indian RestroBar.
    Restaurant equipment and furnishings may be purchased outright, or may be leased from a variety of sources with costs varying according to the size of the restaurant and the specific features of the equipment and furnishings. Financing is generally available either through a local bank or a leasing company.