Media Exposure of Saffron Ikebukuro:

Saffron Ikebukuro is always welcome media houses to use our restaurant for making promotion video, photo shoot session, or talent hunt etc. We are also open to production houses or TV channels to assist in their program which may promote our restaurant to the citizen of Japan. For any query please mail at media@saffron-dining.com.

Telecasted Programs:

May 17, 2012: Tokyo MX TV Channel: 22:30~23:00
Pro-wrestler Mr. Hiroshi Tanahashi tried our “World’s Hottest Curry” in the program of Bushi Road Card Game promotion.

June 23, 2012: 19:00 hr. ~ 19:55 hr.
JFN Japan FM Network Radio Channel [ www.ifn.co.jp/yajikita] Saffron Ikebukuro will be introduced in [YAJIKITA on the road] program Theme: Summer!! Visit spicy food restaurant in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

July 01, 2012: Ikebukuro Tsuushin Magazine (Print & Web) Vol. 26
Saffron Ikebukuro will be introduced in the Curry Special Edition [ http://www.tobu.co.jp/ike2/east/index.html ]

July 31, 2012: 23:50 hr. ~ 00:20 hr.
TBS TV Channel
Saffron Ikebukuro’s “World’s Hottest Curry” will be introduced in Tebe Conhiiro program.

August 04, 2012: 23:30 hr. ~ 24:00 hr.
TBS TV Channel
Saffron Ikebukuro’s Chicken Soup Curry will be introduced in Chubo Desuyo program with celebrity Mr. Masaki Sakai.

February 25, 2015: 23:58 hr.~ 00:45 hr.
Tokyo TV[Little Tokyo Live] Hey!Say!JUMP

Upcoming Telecast & Broadcast Programs:

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